Bronwyn Michaelis

Bronwyn Michaelis is devoted to dance as a sacred practice that encourages the full embodiment of ourselves in our lives. She interweaves Axis Syllabus, contact improvisation, ritual, and somatic awareness into her unique approach to the art of movement. She draws on her extensive training in anatomy, developmental movement, asian physiology, Body-Mind Centering, circus arts, body psychotherapy, yoga, and Continuum. Inherent in her philosophy is the inseparable relationship between healing and dance. The marriage of these serves as a vehicle for the empowerment of ourselves and the nourishment of our destiny through full embodiment. Bronwyn is also an acupuncturist, herbalist, and bodyworker and currently a teacher candidate of the Axis Syllabus.

CLASS OFFERING: Transforming Transitions

Explore a movement experience informed by the practice of listening and embodiment. By tuning in and inhabiting your body, you will find your own unique expression. In this fun, dynamic class we will explore motoric masses and landing pads that can allow smooth transitions that are ecologically wise. This class will be heavily influenced by the Axis Syllabus – a deep inquiry into the experience of movement that draws from biomechanics, anatomy, physics, western medical sciences, physiology, anthropology and an expansive collection of empirical knowledge.  The syllabus is supported by a matrix of masterful movers that continuously bring fresh research and exchange ideas internationally.