Agustín Fridlender

Agua (Agustin Fridlender) got involved with the contact impro world on 2001, while starting training clown, circus, theater and dance in Argentina. He works performing in the entertainment world and jumped to the scene of the street arts festivals in Europe with his solo pieces that includes some CI elements. Taking part in CI events wherever he was, he facilitated on some of the gatherings happening annually in Argentina as well as in more social and activist encounters. Agua is always investigating about human interactions, community dynamics and somatic work on the everyday, holding collective projects or taking part of formative instances…
The lab “Bodies talk” will focus on the social interactions from a sensitive and emotional perspective. The goal is to improve the listening skills and tune the practice of consent through the exclusively physical language that C.I. invites us to explore to enrich the awareness and wellness in the dance. The exercises and games are taken from the most somatic parts of other trainings as theater, clown, non violent communication; adapted to a dancing perspective.