Can I register for partial attendance?
Maybe. Space is limited, and we hold priority for those who can be present the whole time, as this makes for the best container.  If there’s ample room left as we get closer to the jam, we’ll open up some space for partial attendance. Stay tuned around 2 weeks out, we’ll announce it here and on our facebook page.

What if I’m local, and I don’t want to stay on campus? Is there a discount?
Yes. Locals who elect to sleep at home for the entire weekend can deduct $45 from the current rate. Email us to let us know and we’ll help you proceed with registration.

Is there work exchange? (WEX)
Yes! We could totally use some extra hands. Before registering, email us with how many hours you would like to offer during the course of the weekend, and we’ll let you know how many we can offer you.  Jobs include setup and breakdown, and a lot of help in the kitchen preparing meals. Our WEXers register at the current low income rate, and get reimbursed at a rate of $15 per hour worked at the end of the event.

More Questions?
Email us.